Citizens of South Carolina

Presented by,

The Honorable Henry McMaster Governor of South Carolina

State House

1100 Gervais Street

Columbia, SC 29201

Dear Governor McMaster,

The undersigned citizens of South Carolina present the attached petition to ask for your support and assistance. We urge you to take action on our behalf. Legislation is before our state Senate and House of Representatives that is essential for the well-being of our children and the future of every South Carolina resident.

The following legislation must be passed into law:

H4555/S0900 - Parental Bill of Rights - The bill would create a South Carolina statute. The bill prohibits the state, its political subdivision, any other governmental entity or any other institution from infringing upon the fundamental right of a parent to direct the upbringing, education, health care, and mental health of his or her minor child. The bill requires state action that infringes upon this fundamental right to be reviewed with strict scrutiny.

H4605 - Freedom from Ideological Coercion and Indoctrination bill will protect the dignity and rights of South Carolinians to be free from ideological coercion and indoctrination in places of learning, childcare, and employment that receive state funds. The bill is non-partisan, will ensure full transparency and integrity in schools, prohibit political activism in classrooms, and is the only bill that has a clear enforcement mechanism.

H4772/S0903 - Providing Academic Choice in Education - P.A.C.E. Scholarship - The bill is the true school choice, covering 100% of Tuition and Curriculum. It designates a portion of the total funds towards low-income families, a separate portion towards special needs students, and a different section for the rest of students to ensure low-income and special needs students are always prioritized for scholarships. Funding is through private donations.

H3477/S0531 - Save Women’s Sports Act - The bill specifies that an athletic team or sport that is designated for females, women, or girls may not be open to students of the male sex, based on the student’s biological sex listed on the student’s official birth certificate at the time of birth. The designation of separate sex-specific athletic teams or sports is necessary to promote equality of athletic opportunities, and the majority of Americans support this action.

As you know, there are only two weeks before bills that have not been presented to the full legislature will have to be re-introduced in the next legislative session. Immediate action is imperative. As the Gov of our state, your public support of the above legislation is imperative and would be invaluable to ensure the right actions are taken in the state of South Carolina. Thank you for your support and action to protect and preserve our rights, liberties, and responsibilities as parents, citizens, and patriotic Americans.